Order DateEstimated DeliveryPrice Paid (exc VAT)
CLOSED - 5 January 20208-17 January47.80 ppl + VAT
CLOSED - 2 February 2020Tates39.50 ppl + VAT
CLOSED - 15 March 202019-27 March36.80 ppl + VAT
3 May 20202TBATBC ppl + VAT
5 July 2020TBATBC ppl + VAT
6 September 2020TBATBC ppl + VAT
4 October 2020TBATBA ppl + VAT
The Cut-off for orders is 17:00 on the Thursday. Sorry no late orders accepted.
Weather conditions may effect the delivery schedule.
Note it is historically cheaper to fill your tank in the summer than in the winter months when demand is higher.